Access Your Utility Funding Incentives

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, Utility incentive programs pay out more than $3.1 billion in rebates and incentives that are available annually across nearly 900 different programs. This doesn’t even scratch the surface to the funding available in these programs. Many struggle to meet initiative goals, meaning they haven’t had enough projects to payout the amount the allocated in a given year. There is so much untapped potential in these incentive programs. That is a substantial amount of funding that could be applied toward valuable projects in your facility. The question is: How do you access it?

We’ve spent years at Air Power USA helping industrial facilities access funding options like this for their improvements or efficiency upgrades. Take a closer look at what it takes to find and capitalize on utility funding incentives. We want to educate facility owners and building managers on their opportunities and the possible roadblocks they face along the way. All that untapped potential is there for a reason, if it was easy everybody would be taking advantage.

The Problems

Hundreds of Programs Across All U.S. Territories

You know there are funding options out there and you have upcoming or ongoing projects that could use the help, but where do you start? Do you have the time to troll through various websites and reading process and industry specific documentation? And depending on where you live and work, there could be various companies with different pools of money or programs managed that all work for the utility in some fashion to incentivize your projects.

Then, let’s say you find the right incentive program. Now, you have to manage the paperwork and ensure you dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s so your facility’s project gets accepted. It’s almost like another full-time job all by itself and you’re already busy with your project, let alone your primary job of keeping the facility running.

Online Resources Aren’t Always Current

Maybe you have the time and infrastructure in place to sort through incentive programs and find the applicable ones. How do you know that your sources are all up to date and relevant? In our experience, many websites tend to lag behind the actual initiatives being put into action. These programs are sometimes managed by smaller companies than you may realize and are dynamic throughout the year as needs and funding are available. They sometimes roll out quarterly bonuses, and criteria attached to them.

Another side effect of delays like this is that by the time you do find out about an active and relevant initiative for your facility, the initiative’s budget could be filled up. There are countless other facilities out there all vying for some of the same incentive and rebate programs.

The Solutions

Contact Your Local Representatives

These federal incentive initiatives were originally created to encourage companies and facilities to lower carbon emissions and energy usage by making their equipment and operations more efficient. All these programs come with their own set of rules, regulations, and standards stating what they apply to and who can take advantage of them.

It might sound counterintuitive, but they do all this to make sure the money goes to the right people who are checking all the boxes and following all the regulations. The representatives who pushed for these incentives want businesses to make the most of them. They can be a valuable resource in your search for utility incentive funding.

Partner With Air Power USA to Maximize Your Opportunity

Don’t have the resources, time, or personnel to sort through incentive programs and initiatives? Looking for a simple path to accessing utility funding incentives? Air Power USA has helped countless facilities and plants just like yours fund their projects in the past. We come equipped with an in-depth, practical knowledge of the programs available throughout the U.S. and in your particular territory.

We’ll find the incentives that match your project, verify your eligibility, and maximize the program output to cover as many costs as possible. Our team members are there at your side before, during, and after project completion to help sort out any gaps between the factors of your project and the requirements of the various incentive programs. Years ago, we made it our mission to make this process as simple and seamless as possible for facilities just like yours and we’ve only gotten better with time. We can do all this while maintaining our independence and brand neutrality, meaning your project gets implemented just how you need it to.

Contact us today to learn more about accessing utility funding incentives and rebates.