APenergy Exhibited its Energy Efficiency Solution at the Plastics Technology Expo (PTXPO) 2023


APenergy, the premier energy efficiency solutions company, attended the Plastics Technology Expo (PTXPO), March 28-30, 2023, at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL.

The three-day event, by Gardner Business Media, Inc., Plastics Technology, MoldMaking Technology, and Additive Manufacturing, brought together decision-makers in the North American plastics processing industry to showcase new equipment and technology.

PTXPO also provided a total in-person experience for Midwest process engineers and plastics equipment buyers. With over 100,000 square feet of exhibits organized by major process pavilions, PTXPO was the ideal environment for plastics professionals to learn about the latest technology efficiencies.

The event’s offerings enabled manufacturers and other attendees to immerse themselves in free educational sessions, experience equipment demonstrations, and participate in numerous networking opportunities.

Bringing Energy Efficiency to Plastics Manufacturers

As an energy efficiency solutions provider, APenergy demonstrated at the PTXPO how its expert consultants are able to help reduce energy consumption in industrial plastics manufacturing facilities. In particular, regarding plastic injection molding machines and plastic extrusion machines.

APenergy’s practical and innovative solutions improve facility energy efficiency by providing turnkey implementation on energy savings projects. After assessing energy waste opportunities, APenergy presents a portfolio of projects and cost savings incentives associated with the equipment upgrades.

The goal of APenergy is to bundle projects in such a way as to cut years off the project payback. In many cases where the energy savings makes so much financial sense, the installation of projects will be at no cost to customers.

Attending the PTXPO was an excellent chance for APenergy to share its capabilities and connect with plastics manufacturers seeking energy-efficient solutions to improve their operations.

“The PTEXPO is the best plastics show of the year,” said Paul Hartjen, sales manager at APenergy. “Our key reason for attending is that it’s an industry where we provide services to consumers and suppliers. This was the first time many of the injection molding manufacturing exhibitors were exposed to our marketing materials and product information.”

Efficiency Solutions for Plastic Injection and Plastic Extrusion Manufacturers

Energy efficiency is critical in the plastics manufacturing industry, especially in injection molding and plastic extrusion processes. These processes require large amounts of energy, resulting in significant energy costs for companies. However, APenergy’s solutions can help reduce energy consumption and save costs in these processes.

One solution is to optimize injection molding and plastic extrusion machines. For instance, updating with incentivized equipment can help reduce energy consumption while maintaining high-quality output.

Machines with advanced technologies, such as servo motors and variable frequency drives, can help reduce energy consumption by up to 50 percent. Moreover, some machines also feature energy-saving modes that automatically reduce energy consumption during idle times.

In addition to equipment upgrades, manufacturers can implement energy management systems (EMS) that monitor and control energy consumption in real-time. EMS solutions use sensors to track energy usage across the production line and provide insights on optimizing energy consumption.

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APenergy has 35 years of experience working with industrial manufacturers to identify areas of inefficiency and make data-driven decisions to reduce energy usage and costs by implementing incentive and rebate programs.

APenergy can help companies set energy-saving goals, track progress, and achieve favorable ROIs through our incentive management service. Our expert team is ready to assist companies in becoming energy-efficient. For more information, contact the APenergy team, the leading energy efficiency consultants, at 740-862-4112 or message us at https://apenergy.com/contact/