Case Study: Robotic System Installation

If you plan on upgrading your production system, there m#007D76ay be significant savings available to you through incentive programs. Air Power USA specializes in finding these savings for you.


When looking to upgrade your operating systems, one of the benefits companies look for is improved energy efficiency. Many organizations do not realize there are incentive programs designed to reduce the cost of these expensive upgrades. Partnering with an expert in the incentive program field can save you a lot of money when improving your operations.

The Problem: Our client was running outdated, inefficient production equipment. The lack of efficiency was causing reduced production of their goods and higher energy costs. The combination of lost revenue and unnecessary energy consumption negatively affected their bottom line.
When they decided to upgrade, they were unaware of the incentive programs that were available to them. Not utilizing these programs would have resulted in a significant spending increase.

The Solution: To improve productivity and reduce costs, they decided to upgrade their production equipment by installing a robotic system. They also partnered with Air Power USA to find incentive programs that would reduce their upgrade costs.

The Results: Air Power USA significantly lowered our client’s costs by finding $150,000 worth of incentives for their production and efficiency upgrades. The newly installed robotic system installed by our client increased production by 30%. The client is now enjoying the positive effects of reduced energy consumption and increased production.

Air Power USA Helps Solve Your Problems

Optimizing your company’s energy efficiency should be a constant goal. Not only do you ultimately reduce costs, but you also increase production. Air Power USA is a strategic partner that helps you find cost-effective energy efficiency strategies and solutions.

We are an independent company that remains brand neutral to ensure our clients always receive the most economical and unbiased advice. This also helps us create customized solutions without limitations toward what products can be used.

We try to become a part of your staff by getting to know your facility, projects, and processes. Our overall goal is to meet or exceed the objectives of your business by finding energy consumption solutions.

Energy Analysis

We begin by doing a walkthrough of your facility. These in-person inspections allow us to assess your business operations and machinery. We gain a better understanding of your day-to-day functions and the future projects that should be considered.

After gathering this information, we perform an energy analysis. We use the analysis information to put together a plan to benefit your business.

Once our energy analysis shows the efficiency improvement opportunities, our staff becomes a part of your team. We act as consultants to aid in your decision making involving costs, vendors, and machinery. Our implementation services are a guaranteed way to reach your energy efficiency goals.

We provide these services at no cost to customers. We generate our revenue through the utility incentive programs that are used to reduce your costs. It is another step that helps us assure you we are providing the most extensive savings possible.

Air Power USA makes it easy for your business to maximize cost savings by using incentives, rebates, and grants to offset the price of improving your operations. Many programs are available to fund energy conservation projects, but they’re not always easy to navigate. We understand the intricacies of these programs and can use them to serve our clients best.

Incentive programs always have the risk of disappearing, and projects can sometimes fall out of their regulations to qualify. To mitigate the negative effects of these things happening, Air Power USA gives your company the money upfront and handles recouping the programs’ costs.

Experience the Air Power USA Difference

Our unbiased insights, expert consultation, and knowledge of utility incentive programs should be used to improve your operations. For over 30 years, we have transformed facilities with outdated and inefficient systems that lose money into high-functioning operations that run the most efficient systems and significantly reduce energy consumption costs. To learn more about how the Air Power USA difference can help you, contact us today.