Energy Efficient Consultants: Saving You Money Without Costing You a Dime

Improving energy efficiency is not a new trend like some might think. Manufacturers and industrial facilities have always been among the largest energy consumers in the world and across America. But with large consumption comes large opportunity and Air Power is here to identify that opportunity for you. Air Power specializes in identifying lucrative projects for our customers. Our goal is to try and limit your operating expenses. Many times we can present this opportunity with overall payback of under 2 years. The projects reduce your bottom line and the future stability of your business.

Stability in your organization has never been more important than right now. The national unrest and health concerns have caused many companies and facilities to rethink their current operation procedures. Plants and industrial businesses always have capital improvements in the works, but this last year has made many halt their plans as a precaution and not inviting any more risk into their budget.

The energy efficient consultants at Air Power USA have good news though, we’re here to help you fund those projects and improvements without costing your business anything out of pocket.

Don’t Operate From a Place of Fear

It’s easy to fall into caution and let fear dictate your decisions when trying to grow your business or maintain its performance. You don’t have to feel limited by fear when you work with Air Power USA. We specialize in creative funding solutions and energy management improvements in all kinds of industrial facilities.

We start with an assessment of your facility and any ongoing improvements you already have in progress. We find any opportunities for improvement that you were not aware of before. At the same time, we prioritize these improvements against our in-depth knowledge of utility financial incentives to help you fund your projects.

Our team can typically help companies like yours fund 20-100% of their projects through utility incentives. When projects and improvement do not fall into the standards for those incentives, that just means our work continues. We know multiple other pathways to get the funding you need. We are experts in creating funding solutions.

Need a Real-World Example of Our Effectiveness?

Compressed air and hydraulics are part of our specialty that we’ve worked in for many years. We were working with an industrial plant when we found an opportunity for an improvement to their compressed air systems. The changes and improvements would save the plant $200,000 every year, but without our help, the project would cost them $300,000 in costs.

We were able to help them fund the entire project at no cost to the plant. They now save two hundred thousand dollars every year and they have an upgraded compressed air system that delivers better performance for their operations. This is a perfect example of the kind of positive impact we’ve had on countless industrial facilities and plants across the country.

Cost-Effective Strategies for the Future of Your Business

Many industrial facilities are going to have a list of projects already on their to-do list. We are not here to sell you on new machinery or products you won’t use. We target which projects you already wanted to accomplish and which ones we can help you achieve soon. Air Power works to keep our recommended projects under a 2-year payback.

We are your technical energy management experts. Our team has performed more than 1,200 system reviews and project installations. Our clients currently extend throughout the country in over 47 different states. Rely on us for unbiased insights into what is going to help your organization and the cost-effective strategies to achieve those results. To learn more about what Air Power USA can do for you, contact us today.