Energy Efficient Equipment Used in Industry

Your industrial facility consumes large amounts of energy. Based on our 30+ years of experience, we know that there is equipment out there that uses smaller amounts of energy to create the same output as your current equipment. Let’s go over some types of available energy-efficient equipment and how they can help you improve your facility’s energy conservation. The equipment your facility uses greatly impacts your energy consumption levels.

Equipment for Energy Conservation in Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities

Energy conservation is achievable across many of your facility’s different energy systems. Here are some types of energy efficient equipment you can install to conserve your energy consumption:

  • Energy Management Systems (EMS): An EMS turns off your energy systems’ equipment outside of your facility’s peak operating hours. If you leave your equipment on when your facility doesn’t need it, you can create wasted energy that raises your consumption and its related costs. When you install an energy management system, you can set it to control the energy systems in your facility’s different zones. You can set up your heating and cooling settings in advance, and the EMS automatically acts on those settings. For example, if you set the temperature in your facility’s offices to drop at 7 pm, after most employees have left for the evening, the EMS will lower the office temperature every day at 7 pm.
  • Lighting Controls: Similar to an EMS, lighting controls allow you to set lights to turn off and on in your facility at certain times of the day. These controls lower your energy costs by reducing the amount of light your facility uses, particularly outside of peak work hours. You can install lighting controls on your current lighting system, or you can integrate them into a new LED lighting system. LED lighting produces more light and gives off less heat than a traditional incandescent lighting system.
  • Compressed Air: Improving your facility’s air compressor with energy-saving technologies is a quick and easy way to lower your electric bills. If it can produce more compressed air while consuming less energy, you can reduce energy consumption for your entire facility.
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP): CHP systems combine your facility’s heat and power systems into one integrated system that generates thermal and electrical energy. It performs heat recovery to use heat energy wasted by most traditional heating and power systems. CHP systems can operate at 80% efficiency levels, while traditionally separate heat and power systems often operate at 45% efficiency levels.
  • Variable Speed Drives: Variable speed drives are installed on your energy systems, and they change the speed at which your systems deliver energy based on their loads at any given time. For example, a variable speed drive helps your HVAC system deliver larger loads of air during peak work hours and smaller loads during non-operating hours.

These are just a few of the equipment pieces you can use to reduce energy consumption in your business’s facility. You can also work with a professional partner to find ways to tweak your lighting, HVAC, and other energy systems to make them more efficient without new installations.

How Can Air Power USA Make Your Facility More Energy Efficient?

When you partner with Air Power USA, we visit your facility to conduct an energy audit. As your technical consultant, we examine your industrial energy systems’ current performance and build a plan to improve it. Our team of generalists create comprehensive energy solutions for your facility, and we obtain the energy-efficient equipment you need from our professional partners and vendors. We are a vendor-neutral company. That phrase means we don’t make you choose equipment from one specific vendor. Instead, we help you choose the best energy-efficient equipment for your facility’s energy needs.

Improve Your Facility’s Energy Efficiency With Air Power USA

Are you ready to find out how to reduce your facility’s energy consumption levels? If you are, reach out to Air Power USA today. We can help you select the right equipment and energy solutions with our energy audit and consulting services. Begin developing comprehensive energy solutions for your industrial facility with us.