Find and Take Advantage of Utility Incentives Before You Start Your Next Project

We’ve completed over 1,200 projects with countless clients in more than 47 states. Time and time again, we’ve found opportunities for utility savings for energy efficiency improvement and renewable energy. The team at Air Power USA has helped all these people save a substantial amount of money over the years.

We’re happy to assist all these industrial facilities in becoming more efficient and find savings opportunities for them, but these same facilities could possibly save even more if they looked into local utility incentives before they start their future projects. When we perform our energy audits, we’re like detectives looking for systems you have in place or projects you have in progress.

We examine all those things and weigh them against our extensive knowledge of utility incentives and other creative funding solutions. Our team of experts can typically find some pretty impressive savings opportunities, but all of these facilities could have saved more by starting the hunt for incentives sooner. Energy efficiency and long-term savings is all about starting early and planning for the long haul.

The Right Information Is Worth Your Time and Money

There are multiple databases and resources available to look further into the utility incentives available in your state or county. There are likely multiple programs in place that support energy efficiency improvements or renewable energy projects that you could be unaware of. You can explore sites like the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency. Research like this could give you a solid idea of what’s available out there.

The only drawback to all of this investigation is that this can become a lot of information to sort through to figure out if certain incentives apply to your specific project. Confirming the relevance of the incentive against the details of your project does require some industry knowledge that could be outside your common expertise. The time it requires for you to do this yourself could also be a drain on your schedule and resources.

Combining The Right Information With the Right Service Provider

You might be wondering how to take advantage of all this information when it can become a time suck for you and your internal staff. The answer? Partner with trade allies who regularly work within these utility programs. These teams and organizations have been through the process before and they know most effective methods of evaluating and incentivizing your project. These same trade allies could also know other potential areas of opportunity in your facility and processes for relying on incentives. Air Power USA is one of those trade allies you can rely on for our expertise and experience in energy management and utility incentives.

We can relieve the burden of managing the process or the paperwork of utility incentives while making sure you take full advantage of everything they have to offer your operations. We also do not charge the customer for many of our services. Our financial compensation typically comes through the same type of incentives and funding. To learn more about finding and making the best of utility incentives as early as possible, contact the team at Air Power USA today.