Generating Thousands in Annual Savings at No Cost to Your Facility

Generating Thousands in Annual Savings at No Cost to Your Facility

For many plants and manufacturing plants, it might sound too good to be true. Improving systems and optimizing efficiency at no cost to the facility’s budget? It’s not a dream, it’s the type of reality Air Power USA can deliver with our combination of industry expertise, years of experience, and in-depth awareness of utility incentives with their funding options.

Corporate budgets are tighter than ever, and for good reason. There’s a level of uncertainty across the world that has not lifted. Facility managers and business leaders are reluctant to dedicate funds to upgrades or improvements when the unknown is still waiting for them. This is why the services we offer at Air Power USA are more important than ever before. We’re here to help you fund those projects without dipping into your operating budget.

Rely on Us to Make It Simple for You

It’s simple to say that we help you improve systems and pay for it through utility incentives, but put into practice, it can become a more complex task. This is why we perform project consulting and assistance with project implementation. We manage the complexities for you and reduce the hassle to a series of stepping stones along the journey to get your annual savings. We make it easy to take advantage of the opportunities we find for your organization.

Real-World Case Study of Thousands in Annual Savings

An example of the work we do is the assistance we offered to an industrial manufacturing facility. They had a plastics molding system that had room for improvement in its operation. Normally, these improvements would cost the facility thousands to plan, implement, and execute the project. With our creative funding solutions and the assistance of utility incentives, we were able to help this customer pay for the entire project without any out of pocket expenses from them.

Today, they are enjoying an annual savings of more than $150,000 with the improvements made to their plastics molding system. This case study is just one of many where we work an opportunity already existing in your systems, help you manage the improvement project, and assist you in managing the creative funding solutions. It’s a winning situation for everyone involved.

There Are Multiple Paths to Monetary Success

In the case we discussed above it was a plastics molding system. In some plants, it’s a compressed air system. For others, it’s process cooling, thermal insulation, or variable speed drives. The list of systems we can investigate and find opportunities for improvement in goes on and on.

It all starts with an in-person walkthrough through your facility and ends with more money in your budget every year. For more information on all the ways Air Power USA can help your facility or plant, contact us today. We’re passionate about finding these opportunities for improvement and helping customers like you save money.