How APenergy Integrates Energy Management With New Construction

No warehouse or industrial plant is ever perfect, and there are always ways to maximize day-to-day operations and product output. At APenergy, we strive to help these companies achieve full use of their facilities, whether that means a new building or a new process.

In this article, we’ll discuss what new construction means in energy management, how we approach new construction projects, and how we’ve been able to put those projects into action for our clients.

What Is New Construction in Energy Management?

When people think of new construction, they typically think of a new building. However, this isn’t always the case. When we talk about new construction in energy management, we could also be talking about a new process. This can involve the implementation of energy systems that maximize your facility’s production and reduce long-term utility costs.

Our Approach to New Construction Energy Management

No matter what energy system you’re working with, APenergy commitment to quality remains the same. When it comes to new construction projects, we take a tailored approach that involves the following components.

Energy Analysis

For most energy management projects, we start our partnership with a walkthrough of the facility to pinpoint the inconsistencies in your energy systems. However, our strategy for new construction and the implementation of new materials or processes is a bit different.

An energy analysis with new construction bases projected costs and energy usage off of industry standards. This ensures that whatever you pay, you’re not overspending or using excess energy at your facility.

APenergy is currently working with a warehouse that wants to implement a new system to reduce the heat produced within the facility without taking up space. By reviewing warehousing temperature standards, we provided them with a feasible solution.

Implementation and Consulting

Implementation and consulting are crucial components for our process because they allow us to communicate with clients about their energy-saving options. Through this stage of the partnership, we assist you with developing your best plan of action to improve your facility’s day-to-day operations.

For our client who was looking to reduce the temperature of their warehouse, we proposed that they furnish and install rooftop HVAC systems on two of their warehouses. These changes allowed them to keep their facility cool throughout the day without taking up floor space.

After our analysis and review of application costs, the cost for the whole project was $158,000. Although project implementation can initially be costly, it keeps production costs low in the long run and allows you to get work done more efficiently.

Utility Incentives and Funding

We understand that new construction projects are expensive, so we work with facilities to discover funding opportunities that can reduce or eliminate the installation costs. Here are two types of incentives that facilities can use for their new construction project:

Component-based incentives: Component-based incentives involve funding for individual technologies and equipment. This includes lighting fixtures, occupancy fixtures, motors, and HVAC units. Funding evaluators often determine rebate amounts and claimed savings estimates based on stipulated per-unit estimates.

Performance-based incentives: Performance-based incentives target more complex projects that involve process improvements and overall energy performance. These incentive amounts are typically determined by the expected annual energy or demand impacts, such as per kilowatt-hour, therm, or kilowatt.

In the case of our new construction warehouse client, this would be a component-based incentive opportunity. We’re currently in the proposal stage of our partnership with them, so we don’t have a quote yet for how much they’ll save on their HVAC system installations. But with our years of experience working with new construction projects, there will be a number of opportunities available to them to reduce or eliminate project costs.

Ready To Start Your New Construction Project With APenergy?

Since 1986, we’ve helped warehouses and plants like yours identify areas for advancement and discover funding opportunities. When you’re ready to start your new construction project, remember that you have a trusted ally in APenergy to help you develop practical solutions. Start getting the most out of your facility today!