How to Increase Your Chiller Plant Energy Savings

Chiller plant energy savings can be far more significant than many facility operators realize. Taking information gathered from an energy analysis to create chiller energy efficiency measures can help you save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Identify Chiller Plant Energy Savings Opportunities

Chiller plants consume large amounts of energy daily. A study estimated that chillers account for over 50% of total energy consumed at industrial facilities. Implementing chiller energy efficiency measures helps ensure your energy bills are as low as possible. One of the best ways to identify increased efficiency and savings opportunities is to have an energy analysis performed at your facility.

An energy analysis assesses a facility’s operations and mechanical systems. Consultants familiarize themselves with daily functions and perform industrial studies to identify inefficient areas of operations. After testing the existing chillers, energy consultants provide plant managers with reports that include chiller efficiency comparisons. These reports help your consultant recommend the solutions and improvements your facility needs to achieve chiller plant energy savings.

Chiller Replacements Provide Long-Term Savings

Chances are, an energy analysis will identify numerous opportunities to improve your operations. You can use the information provided to determine the most effective chiller energy efficiency measures to take. If your existing chiller system is nearing the end of its service life, a chiller replacement is likely your best option.

While replacing significant equipment sounds like a financial burden, there are several benefits to chiller replacements. New chillers are smaller, cause less noise, and require less maintenance. The most attractive benefit is the substantial chiller plant energy savings you experience. More recent efficiency standards are estimated to reduce energy costs by at least 30% annually. It is recommended to use building energy analysis programs compliant with ASHRAE standard 140 to calculate your estimated savings. These analysis programs consider your building’s model, construction types, and weather data to reflect a new chiller’s impact.

Increase Chiller Plant Energy Savings Through Incentive Programs

Chiller plant energy savings projects come in more forms than just reduced energy. Eco-friendly measures aimed at lowering carbon emissions and energy consumption are becoming more common. Several federal and private programs, like ComEd business incentives, are available to help fund energy efficiency and conservation projects.

Having a partner with the knowledge of the incentive industry can help offset your upgrade’s cost. They locate grants, tax breaks, credits, and other financial incentives that benefit your project. Each incentive program includes its own sets of rules and regulations that applicants must follow to ensure funding. A trusted consultant can handle the details while you focus on daily business functions.

Other Ways to Increase Chiller Plant Energy Savings

An efficient design concept at your chiller plant can reduce costs. Your chillers, pumps, fans, and other working parts should all be able to handle stand-alone use as well as work as part of a system.

Condenser water piping uses a water loop and pump to circulate water from your chiller to the building. Variable flow speed pumping systems are more intricate and complicated to design but are an essential chiller energy efficiency measure. Rather than making your system run at full capacity at all times, it measures the load requirements, and runs are at a far more efficient rate.

Chilled water loads need to offset the heat brought into your building by weather and internal elements like lighting. Cooling loads that utilize coil air handle transfers heat from atmospheric air to circulating chilled water, improving efficiency.

Air Power USA Delivers Chiller Plant Energy Savings

Air Power USA’s energy analysis, implementation, and utility incentive services produce significant chiller plant energy savings. Chiller replacements are just a small part of the chiller energy efficiency measures that we suggest. Our unbiased insights and cost-effective strategies reduce energy consumption without sacrificing your product quality or production abilities. Our expertise in using utility incentive programs not only reduces your energy costs but comes at no charge to you. To find out more about how Air Power USA’s chiller energy efficiency measures, contact us today.