Improving Your Performance Never Stops

Finding optimal energy efficiency and helping your operations achieve their highest level of performance is a continuous process for us. We don’t consider our job done until we’ve found and helped you leverage every opportunity to make your industrial facility more profitable.

It Often Starts With No Up-Front Costs

In 2018, our team at Air Power USA started working with a bottling manufacturer as part of a compressed air study. This particular study was run through their local utility. This means the customer had no required up-front costs from working with us. From the study results, we recommended five energy efficiency measures to be implemented with a collective payback of 4.46 years. The leadership at the facility was excited for the energy savings and the operational improvement concerns that we addressed in the report as well as directly with the customer.

This first project became the initial stepping stone for our continued work with this client. Like many others we’ve worked with, they loved our hands-on approach. Our people came in and managed the implementation of the project from identification all the way through verifying the impact with their local utility.

From the success of this first project, we fostered further work with the client. We mentioned some of the other systems where we could offer the same approach. In 2019, we initiated a production line energy saving opportunity for a total opportunity of 1.6 GWHs.

Moving Forward Into the Future

Fast forward to today and in 2020 we’ve ventured into their process cooling, thermal insulation, and an annual compressed air leak program. These aren’t just projects we suggested to the facility either—we have implemented and verified their impact each step of the way while working directly with the client. The customer is now not only saving hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on their electric bill, but they are also having their costs reduced through their local utility.

Over three years of working with this one facility, Air Power USA has reduced their annual electric bill by $200,000 a year already, and we’re not even done yet. They still have another $81,000 to be completed in 2021. Many of these projects were implemented and completed with 100% of the cost covered by utility incentives. This works out to little to no out-of-pocket expenses for the bottling manufacturer.

Project AreaOpportunity IdentifiedRealized
Compressed Air – 2018$80K$65K – Completed
Production Line Improvement – 2019$115K$80K – Completed$25K – Ongoing
Thermal Insulation – 2020$6KOngoing
Process Cooling – 2020$80K$30K – Completed$50K – Ongoing
Compressed Air Leak Management Program – 2020$25K$25K – Completed
Total$306K$200K – Completed$81K – Ongoing

What Does This Mean for You?

We are not your common energy auditor. We’re not just here to offer tips on energy efficiency like renewable energy or other technologies. The work we do does things like fund new production line efficiency improvements, install new control systems, compressed air system management, and even more.

We look into the projects that you and your industrial facility are already considering. The team at Air Power USA wants to help you accomplish these goals as efficiently as possible. To learn more about us and how we can help your facility, contact Air Power USA today.