Industrial Energy Savings Project Case Study

Elements of a Quality Compressed Air Audit

Many factors should be considered when assessing the functionality and efficiency of a compressed air system. A thorough examination of all working parts of a compressed air system is needed to ensure both functionality and efficiency are being maximized at your facility. The elements of a thorough review include:

  • Evaluating existing equipment to make sure it is properly installed and in working condition
  • Providing options for alternate equipment and controls that are more efficient, as well as energy conservation opportunities
  • Looking into areas of low air pressure and distribution
  • Noting the effects on production and quality of faulty areas
  • Identifying the effective energy cost of compressed air at a facility and translating it into actual costs
  • Giving the estimated cost of implementing changes and projected savings associated with them
  • A short-term action plan that prioritizes suggested improvements
  • Outlining long-term continued operation plans
  • Installation of measuring equipment

Where to Get a Compressed Air Audit

There are multiple organizations you can turn to when looking to audit your industrial energy savings projects. Most of them are associated with or employed by manufacturers of the equipment they recommend to you. If your system needs something they do not produce, are they going to let you know? The most reliable source is an independent compressed air equipment and system specialist. Air Power USA is not partnered with a specific manufacturer or product, meaning we always choose the system, part, or maintenance that is best for you.

Independent specialists must have a comprehensive knowledge base and a thorough understanding of both old and new equipment. They do not have expertise on a single system or piece of equipment manufactured by their employer.

Through our relationships with multiple manufacturers and distributors, Air Power USA can work with different companies to custom-fit a compressed air system that saves your business money, downtime, and worry.

Going Beyond Audits and Evaluations

Air Power USA’s audits and evaluations are just a couple of ways we can help your industrial energy savings projects. We offer many services to help your business improve energy efficiency, such as:

  • Providing management and project design
  • Creating best practices guidelines
  • Providing training workshops in proper air system operation and maintenance
  • Assuring savings for utility and government incentive programs
  • Offering corporate air programs for multi-plant clients

Find Out How Much an Energy Audit Can Save You

Air Power USA clients average a 30% reduction in energy costs after implementing our services. Our solutions not only reduce your energy bills, but also require much lower investments in new equipment and repairs.