Long-Term Partnerships Pay off With APenergy

When consulting with a new client, we first and foremost are taking the valuable time to present a solution that solves the project at hand. The benefit of having experienced staff is our ability to identify other opportunities the facility should be considering. Having an arsenal of energy conservation opportunities to pursue is what companies love about the work we do. We can turn a simple compressed air leak sweep, into a continued relationship worth hundreds of thousands to the company’s bottom line year-over-year. The longer you work with us, the more opportunities for savings we’ll find.

It Starts Small

In 2018, we forged a new partnership with a bottling manufacturer. We connected to them through an ongoing comprehensive compressed air study. The study was run through their local utility, so there were no upfront costs with the customer speaking to us and learning more about their opportunities.

The first improvements we recommended were five energy efficiency measures (EEMs) for implementation with a collective payback of about 4.5 years. The client’s team and leadership were excited at the opportunity for energy savings. However, their interest grew due to some of the operational concerns we addressed in our report.

Our Improvements Have a Domino Effect

This first project was just the first rung of the ladder with this client. Like many clients before them, they loved our hands-on approach and project management capabilities. Our team came in and managed the project from identification all the way through verifying the impact with their local utility.

We started to climb higher on the ladder at this point. We mentioned other systems that we could provide the same approach to. By 2019, we helped launch a production line energy saving opportunity for a total of 1.6 GWHs.

Now we fast forward another year to 2020. We’ve ventured into process cooling, thermal insulation, and an annual compressed air leak program. All of these projects we’ve mentioned above are not just suggestions or recommendations we made to the client. We were there every step of the way.

We implemented and verified their legitimacy and impact along the way to ensure the best result for the client and to hold ourselves accountable. Today, this client is saving hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on their electric bills. And on top of that they’re also getting their capital costs marginalized through their local utility.

The Big Picture: Three years and $200,000 Saved Annually

Over three years of working with APenergy USA, this facility has reduced their annual electric bill by $200,000 a year, with another $81,000 in projects to be completed in 2021. 13 projects evaluated, 3 of which were on the companies “bucket list”, 7 projects implemented to date, and all with verified energy savings to definitively prove value. 100% of the cost for many of these projects and improvements was covered with utility incentives, which means no out-of-pocket costs for the client.

Let’s Make a Positive Difference in Your Facility Together

The team at APenergy USA has conducted over 1,200 system reviews and project installations for hundreds of clients. Our client base runs throughout the country in more than 47 different states. We bring unbiased insights, professional expertise, and a passion for improvement to every facility we partner with. To learn more about the positive differences we can make for industrial facilities like yours with a long-term partnership, contact us today.