Put Our Virtual Expanded Team Audit Program to Work in Your Plant

For over 35 years, Air Power USA has gone above and beyond to help industrial facilities reduce their expenses and become more efficient. Today is no different. In an effort to support plants and facilities during these challenging times in our nation, we’ve developed our Expanded Team Audit Program.

This initiative combines Air Power’s years of industry expertise with the onsite data collection resources of our customers. All of these elements work together to improve air systems, lower operating costs, and address equipment reliability along with air quality issues.

Restrictions Don’t Mean You Have to Put off Cutting Costs

There are currently new travel restrictions, social distancing rules, and public health measures in place all over the nation. These measures cause limited plant access and make travel unpredictable in many areas. For those reasons, virtual project work could be the best solution for your plant to continue on its mission to drive costs down and production up.

In the past, we’ve partnered with many multinational corporations and this is one of the places where virtual auditing got its start. Before COVID-19, there were still projects where travel expenses were disproportionately high when compared to projected savings opportunities. If a customer has a smaller budget we have deconstructed our traditional efforts to achieve the customer intentions at the costs they can afford. This is one of the many ways to achieve traditional audit results with little to no travel costs and other related expenses.

How the Expanded Team Audit Program Works

The Air Power team would function on a remote basis, working alongside key plant personnel and local energy service providers. Together, we gather all the data needed for an audit and full evaluation. In our experience, the best outcomes occur when:

  1. Air Power staff handling project management, data analysis, and professional recommendations
  2. Key plant personnel collecting crucial data inputs and onsite support
  3. The plant’s preferred local service provider offers health and diagnostic of current equipmentconstraints.

We’re there for technical support, project oversight, and the final reporting. We’ve seen success in this model for project identification, implementation, follow-up and confirmation of results, and utility incentive management.

What Kind of Results You Can Expect

We’ve implemented this process in the past under multiple different scenarios and these are the results we’ve seen:

  • Excellent communication between all team members to ensure the plan is clear and the buy-in is complete
  • All expenses for the customer go directly to the larger success of the project with little to no travel cost
  • An effective team offers mutual support to serve as a key building block for continuing to work together on a cost-effective basis

A Level of Customer Commitment

An integral part of the remote auditing is customer commitment. We’re always willing to pull our own weight and get our hands dirty in any project, but this program requires both sides to function a bit differently than our typical process. Since the Air Power team would be working remotely, this process requires a more considerable commitment from the customers. We believe it’s vital that both sides have a clear understanding of the program requirements to deliver the most productive outcome.

As always, we’re here to provide unbiased insights and cost-effective strategies for reducing your energy consumption and improving your industrial procedures. To learn more about our remote auditing and the other services offered at Air Power USA, reach out to us today.