Reasons Why Industrial Manufacturers Should Work with a Trade Ally on Energy Efficiency Projects


Trade ally partnerships create a community between electric utility providers, consultants, and manufacturers. The partnerships help to build a network that supports and increases awareness of energy-reducing utility incentive programs.

Utility incentive rebates can be a complicated process. Working with a registered trade ally of a utility program enables manufacturers to get industry expert advice on their projects and how to maximize their utility incentive potential.

A trade ally consultant starts by auditing a facility to identify potential opportunities or addressing specific projects in mind. After concluding the scope of the opportunity, a program trade ally starts the investigation phase to assess the energy potential of the improvements. After the assessment, a trade ally consultant recommends areas to increase energy efficiency and maximize savings through applicable utility incentive programs.

Through developed partnerships, a trade alley consultant leverages its strength to collaborate and bring forth the resources necessary to implement successful energy-saving solutions. The result of trade ally partnerships is to leverage industry experience to help manufacturers maximize their incentive potential while becoming energy-efficient.

Trade Ally Networks

Electric utility providers establish trade ally networks to help commercial and industrial manufacturers find trusted energy efficiency consultants. The network also includes energy efficiency contractors, installers, and distributors. Also within the network are professionals who train and provide installation support for energy-efficient equipment.

Trade ally networks are essential to utility incentive programs as they know how utility programs work and the reasoning behind the process required to receive the incentives. Moreover, experienced energy efficiency consultants have spent years developing relationships within trade ally networks and can perform assessments quickly and help manufacturers achieve energy-saving goals.

Recognized Energy Efficiency Trade Allies

Electric utility providers rely on trade allies to support incentive programs so that they can reach their own energy savings goals in accordance with government regulations. In many regards, trade allies are an extension of the programs offered by utility providers.

Trade ally consultants are incentive program advocates for utility providers, helping them reach as many industrial manufacturers as possible. They are tasked with conveying the benefits of programs offered and having the knowledge to identify issues such as compressed air leaks and oversized motors.

The mutually beneficial relationship between utility providers and trade allies usually culminates with recognition, including awards such as the Trade Ally of the Year, the Most Improved Ally, and more. Some utility providers even acknowledge and encourage progress by offering milestones recognition throughout the year.

APenergy, a Pioneer in Engry Efficiency Consulting

APenergy is the leading consulting company in the energy efficiency industry, with over 35 years of experience providing energy-saving solutions. As a full-service, turnkey energy efficiency consulting company, APenergy is a part of numerous trade alley networks, fostering relationships with implementers across the continental United States.

APS’s Energy Efficiency Solutions

APS’s trade ally network has training programs to help businesses learn about saving energy and becoming more sustainable. The company offers webinars to update customers on the latest trends and energy information services, an online energy-management tool that provides energy-usage data. APS’s energy efficiency programs for businesses include rebates for industrial equipment upgrades.

ComEd’s Energy Efficiency Program

Through ComEd’s energy efficiency providers (EESP), businesses can use prescriptive and custom energy incentive programs to offset the cost of energy-saving improvements to compressed air systems. Improvements include variable speed driver (VSD) air compressors and zero-loss condensate drains. Other incentivized upgrades include high-efficiency air nozzles, compressed air refrigerated dryers, added compressor air storage, and reduced compressed air pressure.

Energy Trust of Oregon’s Icentives

Energy Trust of Oregon continuously updates its trade alley network with incentives and requirements. The company offers incentives for custom energy-efficiency projects, compressed air, heating and cooling, industrial battery chargers, insulation, lighting and lighting controls, motors and drives, refrigeration, steam traps, water and wastewater, and welding equipment.

PPL Electric Utilities’ Energy Efficiency Program

PPL’s trade ally program assists manufacturers with incentives for energy-saving opportunities. Manufacturers may be eligible to apply for various incentivized upgrades that can significantly reduce their energy costs yearly. Incentives can go toward installing energy-efficient lighting, HVAC, variable frequency drives (VFDs), compressed air systems, and more.

Focus on Energy’s Rebates and Incentives

Focus on Energy’s trade allies are valuable for manufacturers seeking energy efficiency. Working with Focus on Energy registered trade allies helps businesses navigate the prescriptive and custom incentives process.

Entergy’s Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Programs

Entergy has specifically tailored incentives to make facilities more energy-efficient. Working with a trade ally consultant can help businesses take advantage of the programs offered, like cash incentives for specific completed projects.

Puget Sound Energy’s Savings and Rebates

Puget Sound Energy (PSE) knows its trade allies are the cornerstone for reaching energy efficiency goals. PSE’s trade ally members have exclusive access to energy efficiency program news and resources and streamlined rebate application procedures.

FirstEnergy’s Energy Solutions for Businesses Program

FirstEnergy is the parent company of Penelc, Penn Power, West Penn Power, Met-Ed (Franklin Energy), and Potomac Edison. The company’s program is available to commercial, industrial, and non-residential customers. Working with a registered trade ally helps manufacturers to discover what they are eligible for, including retro-commissioning, building tune-ups, prescriptive incentives, instant discounts, and more.

American Electric Power’s Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs

American Electric Power (AEP) is the parent company of Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO) and Indiana Michigan Power. AEP has a network of energy efficiency contractors who utilize incentives for qualifying energy efficiency projects. Incentives available include lighting, HVAC, air compressor system upgrades, and custom and process-related improvements.

Salt River Project’s Energy Efficiency Rebates

Salt River Project (SRP) has a trade alley network of contractors who help guide manufacturers through its rebate process from start to finish. SRP’s rebates range from common energy-efficient equipment to customizable energy-efficiency upgrades and facility improvements that match any budget.

Ameren Illinois’ Energy Efficiency Program

Ameren Illinois’ network of energy advisors are experts in energy efficiency solutions and can help manufacturers reduce energy usage and costs via various unique incentives. Energy advisors assess a business’s needs, including compressed air systems, custom projects, feasibility studies, metering and monitoring, retro-commissioning, specialty equipment, and more.

DTE Energy’s Incentives

DTE Energy works closely with trade allies to help customers save energy and costs by installing new equipment or upgrading infrastructure. DTE’s available incentives include prescriptive

incentives, custom incentives, and new construction incentives.

Consumers Energy’s Business Energy Efficiency Program

Consumers Energy’s trade allies are essential as the demand for energy-efficient products and services grows. Trade Allies are instrumental in helping manufacturers obtain money-saving rebates and improve the energy efficiency of their businesses.

New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program

New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program (NJCEP) has a network of trade allies participating in its energy efficiency programs for existing buildings. NJCEP offers several programs for manufacturers using electric or natural gas energy efficiency equipment, including SmartStart Buildings (SSB) and the Customer Tailored Energy Efficiency Program (CTEEP).

American Municipal Power’s Efficiency Smart Business Program

American Municipal Power (AMP) trade ally network works with manufacturers to benefit from its Efficiency Smart program. Efficiency Smart offers energy efficiency services tailored to every eligible business’s needs.

Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company’s Energy Efficiency Programs

Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company (OG&E) works with third-party allies on behalf of OG&E customers. Allies assess and apply for rebates, check the status of rebates, update rebate applications, and more.

Idaho Power’s Commercial Custom Efficiency Program

Idaho Power’s trade allies help businesses through the process of getting approved for custom incentives. The incentives are available for all eligible commercial and industrial customers for energy-saving improvements.

PacifiCorp’s Wattsmart Business Program

PacifiCorp is the parent company of Pacific Power and Rocky Mountain Power. PacifiCorp’s Wattsmart program aims to help its customers set energy goals and boost their bottom lines. Through the Wattsmart Vendor Network, trade allies collaborate between PacifiCorp and local contractors, distributors, and others to promote installing energy-efficient equipment.

Seattle City Light’s Energy Efficiency Programs

Seattle City Light works with trade allies to help manufacturers with their next energy efficiency project. Manufacturers can discover the right solution to reduce energy and increase savings through the company’s trade ally network.

Xcel Energy’s Programs and Rebates

Xcel Energy’s trade partner network has insights into the programs and rebates that Xcel offers. The trade partners also promote energy-efficient equipment and systems to help businesses reduce energy consumption.

Duke Energy’s Energy Efficiency Rebates and Incentives

Duke Energy’s commercial trade allies help businesses become energy-efficient with Duke Energy’s Smart Saver program. Trade allies can make it easier for customers to upgrade to higher-efficiency equipment with rebates and incentives.

Georgia Power’s Commercial Energy Efficiency Program

Georgia Power’s registered trade allies know about energy efficiency projects for new and existing industrial manufacturing buildings. Allies implement qualifying energy-saving improvements, including lighting, HVAC retrofits, and more.

NV Energy’s Business Energy Services

NV Energy’s trade ally network helps manufacturers save energy costs by trimming electric bills with technical assistance, no-cost offers, and equipment upgrade incentives. NV Energy’s services are customizable to help businesses more easily become energy-efficient.

NYSERDA’s Energy Efficiency Programs

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has partners to help manufacturers with their energy-saving needs. NYSERDA has a statewide network of partners offering energy efficiency solutions to reduce energy usage and costs.

Dominion Energy’s Conservation Programs

Dominion Energy works with a trade ally network of contractors to help businesses conserve energy through its conservation programs. Businesses can meet energy and greenhouse gas mandates while increasing savings by working with a trusted energy partner.

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