Saving Money and Optimizing Performance Through Energy Efficiency Consulting

Industrial organizations worldwide are faced with more challenges than ever before. There are rolling COVID-19 shutdowns and a general feeling of instability. The industrial marketplace was already competitive, and facility managers are putting their capital budgets on hold as they wait for the dust to settle. So, how do you improve efficiency and lower costs in times like these?

Air Power USA has already helped facilities and plants just like yours launch and execute improvements to their facilities without any expense paid by the facility. We improve performance while raising efficiency, and we can fund 20-100% of it through utility incentives.

Reducing Operating Costs At No-Cost

Our process starts with an in-person walkthrough of your facility and any ongoing projects you currently have in process. We look for the opportunity for an improvement or project that fits into the appropriate standards for funding through utility incentives. Our team is aware of the available utility incentives, how to manage them, and what types of projects are most advantageous for you to take advantage of this year.

Just recently, we identified an opportunity in process cooling for an industrial manufacturer. The project would have normally cost them $60,000. In the end, the $60,000 modifications were completed at no cost to the facility and the improvements reduced their operating costs by $70,000.

Don’t Feel Held Back From Pursuing Opportunities

We’re living and working through challenging times. However, this doesn’t mean we have to leave behind new plans or not pursue new opportunities. These new challenges just call for greater creativity! Air Power USA has spent over 35 years helping customers be creative with custom solutions to reduce energy.

If your utility is not actively promoting a rebate program, or the project doesn’t fit into the requirements, that’s okay. Although maximizing incentives is a great tool, there are other avenues we use to fund your improvements. We have in-depth experience and a diverse client base that has taught us creative financial solutions for many situations.

We Help Fill the Funding Gap Between Ideas and Reality

Finding energy efficiency opportunities isn’t the hard part. Picking the right projects to take advantage of this year is. Industrial facilities always have a laundry list of projects and many times are planned out years into the future. We aren’t pitching you new equipment to consider, we’re identifying which projects you should be focused on now. Air Power works to keep our recommended projects under a 2-year payback.

We are technical energy management experts. We’ve performed over 1,200 system reviews and project installations. Our clients extend throughout more than 47 different states. You can rely on us for un-biased insights into what would help your organization and the cost-effective strategies to achieve those results.

We’re prepared to help industrial facilities improve their performance and pursue new opportunities while keeping their costs low. To learn more about what Air Power USA can do for your facility, reach out to us today.