Turning Project Opportunities Into Energy Conservation: Blow Mold Optimization Part 1

Air Power USA is an independent energy service provider. We specialize in leveraging utility incentives alongside innovative financing solutions to implement energy conservation solutions on behalf of our clients. We offer the capability to manage the entire process ourselves.

Thanks to our years of experience and hundreds of projects we’ve completed across multiple industries, we’re capable of offering comprehensive solutions to a broad range of facilities and plants. To see how Air Power could help your facility save money and reduce operating costs, reach out to us today.

Our Process

There’s a significant amount of thought and planning that goes into all the steps of our process, but here’s a four-part breakdown of the basic steps.


Our clients set up a 20 minute call with our team members to determine whether or not their plan is eligible for our No-Cost project development program. We have ample experience in conducting these meetings virtually.


Power measurement tools are installed, and together, we explore the energy potential for your facility or plant. We provide a study summarizing all the opportunities we identified with clear and concise information. These measurements can also be conducted virtually depending on client requirements.


We work with one of our trade allies to schedule the installation of the energy opportunities your facility decides to pursue. We have a network of trade allies we’ve worked with over the years and can rely on to execute their work exceptionally well.


We track and verify the energy savings you’ve achieved. On your behalf, we process any utility incentives the project accrues over time. This documentation and verification can be used to justify future improvements or opportunities as well.

Real-World Example: Blow Mold Optimization

Blow Molding machines produce plastic bottles for beverages or other liquids before they are disseminated to all their end users. These machines consume substantial amounts of energy. They are among the largest energy consumers in the plastic bottle industry.

These machines typically present multiple energy saving opportunities associated with their technology. When you start to look at areas like compressor air system optimization and ceramic reflectors, Air Power can often reduce the power consumption by up to 35%.

Blow Molding Machines: Project Opportunities

Ceramic Reflectors

These ceramic reflectors refine the degree of lamps which allows for more direct heating of the preforms.

Lamp Optimization

The lamps form a matrix to heat specific portions of the preformed bottles. The heat allows the preforms to be blown into the desired shape.

Air Recovery

There is typically compressed air exhaust when the bottle is formed. Exhaust air can be captured and re-entered into the other low-pressure applications on the blow mold line.

Air System Optimization

The compressed air systems in these facilities are typically quite complex. Complexity like this usually leaves room for improvement. We can often rebalance the load and more efficiently dispatch the air compressors.

To learn more about Blow Mold optimization opportunities and the details of our real-world case study, look for part 2 of this article where we will summarize the project and its multiple opportunities.