Utility Incentive Programs

Heighten your eligibility for utility incentives, maximize your plant’s efficiency, and minimize your out-of-pocket expenses. Learn what discounts and rebates are available for your eco-friendly efforts.

Embrace the Rise of Energy Conservation

Conserving energy is at the top of the mind for many industrial and manufacturing facilities. To encourage mindful energy conservation, there are a variety of incentive programs that are available for industrial companies. These rewards can help you finance energy efficiency upgrades for your production floor. Plus, these new contributions can improve workflow and enhance overall operations.

Energy incentives for businesses and upgraded equipment that fortifies your building’s processes are a worthy investment. Depending on your monthly budget and productivity, if you apply for an energy conservation program, you may qualify for a variety of rewards and incentives which include:

Tax Deductions

You read that correctly—tax deductions are energy efficiency incentives. Businesses became eligible for tax deductions thanks to the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPACT). Then later in 2008, The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act extended provisions in EPACT.

Pay-For-Performance Programs

Pay-for-performance programs offer companies financial rewards for improving their facilities’ operations. To qualify for these incentives, you must achieve minimum energy-saving goals and present other tangible evidence that your building has met the requirements, such as a lower utility bill

ComEd Energy Efficiency Program

Another noteworthy energy preservation program is ComEd Energy Efficiency Incentives. Air Power USA wants you to be eligible for the best deals on the market, so we ensure you’re meeting every requirement possible. Recognized by the EPA for 10 years in a row, ComEd has saved numerous companies millions of dollars. So, when you partner with Air Power USA and allow us to manage your incentive programs, your company could be the next to save a substantial amount of money and significantly decrease your carbon footprint. ComeEd offers assessments, discounts, and rebates to help make you more environmentally conscious.

Stop The Cycle of Wasting Money and Energy

Many facilities waste money and energy on processes and operations that are inefficient and ineffective. The fear of the cost of power-saving assistance is likely the main deterrent. This is why our team at Air Power USA continues to advocate for energy efficiency programs and is committed to incorporating them into our services. We’ll begin by performing a thorough walk-through of your facility, conducting an energy systems analysis. The analysis will help us pinpoint areas of improvement within your building. Then, we find the most appropriate incentive programs based on your building’s needs. In other words, we verify your eligibility, match you with utility incentive programs, and jump into maximizing your company’s productivity and saving you money.

In addition to finding these programs, we want to assure you that you’re never alone, so from implementation to consulting, we’re there with you through every step of the process. It is vital to us that you have a crystal-clear understanding of the programs you’re approved for. Instead of abandoning you to sort them out and maintain them on your own, we are happy to utilize our expertise to properly manage your incentive programs on your behalf. We keep you updated on what you’ve earned, so you know that we’re doing everything we can to maximize the advantages of your programs and keep you from missing out on your rebates.

We Help You Succeed Financially and Environmentally

Air Power USA has 35 years of experience in energy conservation, streamlining our clients’ operations, and lowering energy bills of plants big and small. We’re aware of today’s economic challenges due to the health crisis and other factors that are out of our control. However, we aim to contribute to a brighter, cleaner world, one facility at a time. For us, it’s a pleasure to partner with you, as we share the same sense of urgency to contribute to a healthier environment and secure funds for future projects. Call us today to begin your energy efficiency journey.