What Systems Do APenergy Consultants Audit?

Most industrial manufacturing facilities spend too much money on their utility bills without realizing it. At APenergy, we provide energy- and cost-saving solutions to the following industrial applications:

Compressed Air

Compressed air systems are crucial for productive manufacturing operations. APenergy consultants perform a compressed air system analysis, taking an isolated look into the operational efficiencies of an air compressor system.

In an energy analysis, our experts look for things like capacity redundancy, water, and stabilized pressure. We suggest unique ways to improve compressed air system performance, including:

  • Participating in awareness training
  • Regularly monitoring systems for inconsistencies
  • Installing high-quality compressors and dryer controls
  • Replacing equipment as necessary
  • Lowering air pressure


In addition to industrial application systems, lighting plays a significant role in your building’s utility bills and energy conservation efforts. There are several suggestions we make to maximize your lighting energy efficiency, including:

  • Switching to LED lighting solutions
  • Integrating digital lighting controls
  • Lowering light levels

Process Cooling

Process cooling systems eliminate unwanted heat from industrial applications. When industrial applications get too hot, they give off excess energy, drive up utility costs, and create an unsafe work environment for employees.

Process cooling systems keep your manufacturing applications in great condition for as long as possible. We recommend that facilities use cooling systems to keep application temperatures low, including open-loop, closed-loop, and glycol cooling systems.

Variable speed drives (VSDs) promote a sustainable energy efficiency strategy. VSDs control the rotational speed and torque of an industrial application’s fan motor by adjusting its frequency and voltage. When an application’s mechanisms and motors are inconsistent, it can be ineffective, reduce the lifespan of your unit, and waste large amounts of energy.

VSDs are commonly integrated into heating and air conditioning systems, but we also suggest utilizing them in other industrial applications. By implementing VSDs, you can reduce your energy consumption by up to 70%.

Thermal Insulation

Blowing cool air on your industrial applications won’t reduce the heat of your systems. It’ll actually do more harm to your energy bills than good. The best way to minimize the temperature of your industrial applications is with thermal insulation.

Thermal insulation vests and blankets absorb heat from your industrial systems, so they don’t affect the temperature of your facility. They come in a variety of sizes that fit the applications you’re working with, ensuring you always have a solution that works best for your processes.

Process Improvements

Many manufacturing companies continuously look for ways to streamline their operational processes. Our experts at APenergy can help your facility improve production without installing another assembly line.

Each manufacturer is different in how they operate, so process improvements are not a one-size-fits-all solution. The main goal of factory process improvements is to increase productivity, operate at a higher volume, reduce labor costs, and offset maintenance costs while prioritizing your facility’s energy usage.

New Construction

New construction could be a new building, process, or energy user that’s integrated into your day-to-day operations. Through the APenergy auditing and consultation process, our energy consultants compare new integrations to the industry standard to guarantee that you’re not overspending on utility bills.

Production Expansion

As the demand for products increases, it’s important to ensure all your systems work at 100% capability to maximize product output. The ideal scenario for any industrial manufacturer is to operate at full capacity, meaning that all of the equipment operates at its highest percentage and optimizes processes without the risk of downtime. Before production demands skyrocket, APenergy consultants can review your industrial applications so you can do your job efficiently, without risking equipment or process failure.