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compressed air system valve being turned on

Helping Industrial Manufacturers Reduce Costs Without Spending Money

An industrial manufacturing plant

We audited their operations and made recommendations for a $300,000 compressed air system re-piping and optimization project.

We helped reduce this plant’s operating costs by more than $150 every month without the plant ever paying a penny for the project.

APenergy assisted an industrial manufacturing plant with a $300,000 compressed air system re-piping and optimization project. It resulted in reducing the plant’s operating costs by more than $150 each month. With our help, they were able to do all of this without spending a penny of their own funds.

large cooling system inside a manufacturing plant

Saving Facilities Money By Optimizing Their Processes

Industrial Manufacturing Plant

Our audit and energy analysis found the opportunity for a $60,000 process cooling modification project. We helped them implement and fund the project, so our client would not have to fund it.

Our services helped reduce the operating costs of the plant by $70,000 at no cost to the manufacturing plant.

Through energy analysis, project consulting, and utility incentive funding, APenergy helped this industrial manufacturer reduce their operating costs. This $60,000 process cooling modification project reduced operating costs by $70,000 without costing the plant any money.

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highly organized industrial warehouse

Optimizing Industrial Performance to Reduce Expenses

Industrial Manufacturing Plant

When we assessed their ongoing operations, we found an opportunity for an improvement in operational efficiency to their compressed air system. It would cost $300,000 but cut annual expenses at the plant by $200,000.

Our services resulted in the plant saving $200,000 annually on their electric bill and the $300,000 project was completed at no cost to the client.

This facility is a plastics manufacturer and uses many injection molding machines to produce their product. Each of these machines has high latent heat produced as a byproduct of shearing the plastic. Our project was to insulate each application. The entire project, start to finish, elapsed 6 months, and the results were very successful. There were enough of these units that you could feel the temperature drop in the room. We actually had to account for the offset in the verification of the project impact. Based on our recommendations, this industrial manufacturing plant undertook a $300,000 compressed air improvement project, but thanks to our assistance in creative funding solutions, they were able to complete the project at no cost to the plant itself. With the improvements to their system’s efficiency, they are now saving $200,000 every year. After the success of the first project, the relationship created 2 other opportunities at the facility, both no cost.

metal processing equipment in a large industrial building

Optimizing Operational Efficiency Can Save Thousands Annually

 Industrial Plant

Our audit and energy analysis found the opportunity to improve operational efficiency in their plastics molding system that would reduce their annual operating costs. We helped them implement and fund the project at no cost to the plant.

We helped the plant reduce annual operating costs by more than $150,000 with the client paying nothing out of pocket.

Through a combination of energy audits, project implementation, and utility funding management, the team at APenergy helped this industrial plant cut their operating costs by a significant margin. We assisted in implementing and completing a plastics molding system improvement project that now saves them more than $150,000 every year.

Lighting Upgrades Save Money and Increase Productivity

Industrial manufacturing facility

APenergy performed an audit for the client to identify opportunities for energy-efficient lighting upgrades. We recommended a trade ally to provide a detailed quote and implement their commercial LED lighting retrofit.

  • Energy analysis
  • Project consulting and implementation
  • Utility incentives and funding

Our team helped the client gain 75% cost savings, $119,290 in annual savings, and 75% carbon reduction. Their LED bulbs and fixtures are guaranteed to last up to 20 years and the facility is enjoying improved visual comfort and safety conditions.

APenergy helped an industrial manufacturing facility with a $85,000 LED lighting retrofit project. The project reduced the plant’s energy costs, resulting in $119,290 annual savings and a safer working environment. The new LED 5000K fixtures and tubes in their office, exterior, and high bay locations will last them up to 20 years.

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