Distributed Generation

Transition to more reliable and affordable energy

Distributed generation (DG) projects for commercial and municipal entities are becoming increasingly more important as energy costs rise and grid resiliency declines.

We are supporting this call to action by providing corporations and communities with the technical expertise to transition to more reliable and affordable energy. We are uniquely positioned to develop solutions over a wide range of distributed generation technologies:

Solar PV, CHP, Fuel Cell, Anaerobic Digestion, etc.

Development is only the first step in the suite of services APenergy can provide in this journey. Energy grids are getting complex and with those complexities comes opportunities for those who pursue them. APenergy can help with initial technical assessments, project design and development, implementation, commissioning, incentive management, and project funding. One key capability our clients find of great benefit is our experience in monetizing incentives, credits, or alternative funding sources that DGs can earn for your entity. This coupled with a diverse portfolio of other energy industry capabilities provides clients a creative ally who can develop multi-technological projects that are coupled with a myriad of financing solutions.

This multidisciplinary approach allows us to not only optimize energy production, but also economic output from our DG projects. Overall, we seek to cultivate an atmosphere for greater distributed generation project resiliency and help our clients to meet their sustainability goals with greater efficacy.

APenergy Provides Commercial Energy Efficiency Solutions

Since 1986, APenergy has collaborated with industrial facilities across the United States to help them conserve energy and reduce total energy costs. Contact us today to learn how!

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