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Introduce Energy Efficiency to Your Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic systems endure a lot of wear and tear, reducing their energy efficiency. APenergy delivers custom hydraulic solutions that revitalize your systems and cut back on energy waste

The Advantages of Hydraulic System Service

Hydraulic system service provides a variety of quality components and designs to manage a hydraulic machine’s energy usage. In many ways, hydraulic efficiency is a complicated matter. Because a significant amount of power is always spent when hydraulic pumps and motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, they’re not considered efficient technology. However, there are ways to minimize the waste in hydraulic systems.

Waste is higher in older machines with significant wear and tear. Hydraulic pumps and motors become less efficient over time, and the leakage from a device frequently operated outside of its optimal torque and speed often leads to even greater energy waste.

APenergy updates your hydraulic equipment to ensure you’re not losing energy. We can increase your equipment’s efficiency with new hydraulic components like motors and pumps and introduce variable speed technology that allows you to adjust the power requirement for certain operations.

How To Achieve Hydraulic Energy Recovery

Because industrial and commercial operations in a wide range of fields use hydraulic systems, there’s consistent interest in building new designs and quality components to increase their efficiency. APenergy has years of experience optimizing systems with energy analysis and implementation. We’re hydraulic specialists who can recommend upgrades for the following hydraulic components:

Hydraulic Pump

Investing in hydraulic pump components is one of the best ways to save energy. Piston pumps can be up to 95% efficient, produce 80% less waste, and reduce machine cooling requirements.

New features like pressure compensation allow users to set their pump to a standby pressure, reducing displacement and increasing the equipment’s ability to handle pressure drops. Load-sensing pumps reduce the psi (pounds per square inch) for operations by using an additional compensator that monitors load pressure and only supplies the pressure and flow the circuit and actuator need to function.

Hydraulic Power Recovery Turbines

Pumps are fluid power distributors that convert mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. Hydraulic power recovery turbines (HPRTs) are pumps that run in reverse to capture wasted energy by dissipating pressure into heat. HPRTs transform a fluid’s hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. You can use that mechanical energy to power another application, like an electric generator

Hydraulic Actuator

Radial piston motors and axial piston motors are hydraulic components with 90% and 95% efficiency. Orbital or vane motors cost less upfront, but cost more in the long term; their energy efficiency is much lower than alternatives.

Effective Project Implementation at No Cost to You

Does your facility need help implementing quality components in your hydraulic system? APenergy can help.

APenergy Delivers Custom Hydraulic Solutions

There’s always a way for an industrial manufacturing plant to save money while increasing productivity. APenergy has years of experience introducing energy-efficient technology to hydraulic systems. We understand that demands change over time and equipment can fail. Our hydraulic specialists work with your organization to assess your unique situation and determine what you need to maintain production and cut energy costs.

APenergy enhances your hydraulic systems with components like:

  • Seals
  • Axis controllers
  • Fluids
  • Variable-frequency motor drives (VFDs)
  • Transducers
  • Valves
  • Filters
  • And much more

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