Our Energy Efficiency Management Process

We Specialize in Building Energy Management Strategies

APenergy has the resources you need to implement cost-effective energy efficiency management. We reduce your energy costs and increase your productivity.

The Advantages of an Energy Use Assessment

When you partner with APenergy, we conduct a facility walkthrough and energy analysis to learn how your organization uses energy and identify opportunities for improvement. Our energy analysis is a vital step toward refining your processes and building an effective energy management plan. With an energy audit, you gain a complete picture of how your systems and equipment are performing.

We’re technical consultants who create building energy efficiency reports to offer energy-saving upgrades that reduce waste and cut costs. Through our network of trade allies and vendors, our specialists support businesses with cutting-edge technology and funding assistance, all at no cost to our clients.

An energy audit from APenergy provides the following benefits:

  • Reduced energy costs in your facility
  • Reduced consumption of natural resources
  • Improved security of your energy supply
  • Visibility of energy use across your enterprise
  • Increased lifespan for your organization’s equipment

How We Use Your Building Energy Efficiency Report

After an energy audit, we meet with you to present the projects our specialists recommend. When APenergy builds an implementation strategy, we customize our solutions to suit your unique needs. If you need assistance improving your process cooling systems, optimizing a compressed air system, reducing heating and cooling costs, installing programmable thermostats, or fitting your new building with industry-standard integrations, we’re here to support you.

Integrating new machinery into your facility can be a challenge. That’s why APenergy supports you with vendor recommendations, equipment costs, and quotes on contractors. Our team ensures your energy management strategy is well-structured and feasible. When we present an energy efficiency management plan to you, we study your project closely beforehand to identify avenues for funding

Your Ally in Energy Efficiency Management

APenergy has over 30 years of experience helping facilities reduce their energy costs and increase their productivity. Our solutions are personalized and cost-effective. Reach out today to learn how we can optimize your energy usage.

How We Implement Energy Saving Upgrades

With an implementation strategy, you’re very close to cutting energy costs and enjoying increased efficiency for your facility. APenergy finetunes energy efficiency management plans to keep operational costs manageable, so you have the flexibility to pursue any long-term goals you built into your implementation process.

To assist with funding, our team assesses your eligibility for energy efficiency incentive programs. These programs fund energy conservation projects for industrial and commercial buildings, and the APenergy team understands them inside and out. You can also enter an energy service agreement that allows you to implement energy efficiency projects with no upfront costs or a performance contract where we absorb the risks of the execution of your strategy.

Energy Efficiency ROI

Energy efficiency upgrades are the rare capital improvements that are likely to return their cost. A utility incentive can cover anywhere from 40% to 75% of the project cost. With a payback of 1 to 2 years, efficiency projects have an ROI of 50% to 100%. Combine a favorable ROI with the improved bottom line from reduced utility costs and increased productivity, and it’s impossible not to see energy efficiency as a worthwhile investment.

APenergy is your ally in cost-effective energy-saving projects. Our team has the resources and expertise to see your strategies through, from creation to final implementation

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