Process Improvements in the Manufacturing Industry

Maximize your facility’s process efficiency

Production process best practices change all the time. APenergy helps manufacturing facilities develop process improvement plans to advance operations and boost customer satisfaction.

What Do Manufacturing Process Improvements Entail?

Manufacturing process improvements consist of anything that improves production operations without adding another production line. At APenergy, we want to help companies avoid another production line, because it consumes a lot of additional energy and can significantly impact your company’s bottom line.

There is no one-size-fits-all for process improvement methodology. Each manufacturer we partner with has its own unique needs because each one works with diverse energy systems. For some clients, process improvements mean purchasing new equipment. For other clients, it means investing in advanced software. With our energy analysis, we can help you identify weaknesses in production line efficiency and discover ways to optimize your processes.

Maximize Your Existing Processes

We’re not trying to change your day-to-day operations; we just want to make them easier for you and your employees. Contact your local energy experts at APenergy to improve production processes today.

Our Approach to Production Improvement Methods

Energy Analysis

Our team of experts does a walkthrough of your facility to find opportunities for improvement in your operations and systems through a comprehensive energy analysis. These services are at no cost to you, because we want to help you conserve energy and save as much money as possible. We keep a customer- and environment-focused mindset to ensure that each process is sustainable for both your company and our planet.

Implementation and Consulting

During the implementation and consulting stage of the project, we’ll provide the best methods to set you up for success as you execute your process improvements. APenergy will walk you through every step of the project, supplying you with expert knowledge in equipment costs, vendor recommendations, and quotes for local contractors—but our work doesn’t stop there.

Utility Incentives and Funding

We know how costly process improvements can be, which is why we help each client find incentives and rebate opportunities to help fund their project. We helped one of our clients implement and fund a $60,000 cooling modification project at no cost to them. In addition, our services reduced their operating costs by $70,000.

Benefits of Implementing Factory Process Improvements

Increases Productivity

Increased productivity is one of the main benefits of implementing manufacturing process improvements. This allows both employees and energy systems to do their jobs efficiently without jeopardizing the quality of the product.

Focuses on Future Energy Usage

Introducing process improvements to a facility’s operations doesn’t immediately reduce energy consumption, but it does protect energy systems and business operations in the long term. Even if a process improvement requires a lot of money and grant funds upfront, it enables your processes to run for a long time and adapt to implementing new equipment in your production line.

Operates at a Higher Volume

Process improvements allow manufacturing companies to create products at a quicker rate and a higher volume, resulting in more revenue for the business.

Offsets Maintenance Costs

More production lines mean additional maintenance costs. Making process improvements to your manufacturing facility allows you to optimize the way your employees and energy systems work. Consider implementing improvement plans to offset avoidable costs rather than adding a production line and increasing maintenance costs.

Streamline Your Plant’s Operations With APenergy

At APenergy, we help manufacturing companies continuously improve their operational processes. We collaborate with manufacturing facilities like yours to develop new production improvement methods, reducing overall energy usage and utility costs.

Manufacturing facilities trust our process because it’s been proven to work time and time again. There’s no cost for our services, so you’re not losing any company resources by taking advantage of our energy analysis, consultation, or incentive funding. Start optimizing your plant’s process by connecting with us today!

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