We Help Facilities Make Energy Efficiency Technology Improvements

APenergy Has a Long List of Energy Saving Opportunities

Industrial manufacturing plants are always looking for ways to increase output while saving money. APenergy can help you do just that. Our energy efficiency technology improvements allow facilities to maximize efficiency without breaking their budget.

Why Make Energy Efficiency Improvements in Commercial Buildings?

Many facility operators and business owners have the “if it’s not broken, why fix it?” mentality. Even if an industrial process or application isn’t broken, that doesn’t mean the system isn’t outdated and wastes significant amounts of money. Industrial manufacturing plants can always make improvements to maximize production efficiency.

System improvements have many benefits for facility operations and hard-working employees. Energy optimization projects give businesses the opportunity to reduce energy consumption, utility bills, and the risk of employee injury.

Types of Energy Optimization Technologies We Address

Compressed Air

Optimized compressed air systems are vital for an efficient industrial manufacturing operation. A compressed air system analysis saves you money in the long term. During an energy analysis, technicians look into the system to identify weaknesses in its applications. One of the most common compressed air optimization strategies we suggest is implementing an air recovery system into the blow molding process. An air recovery system converts exhausted compressed air into pre-blown air. Each bottle in the system is filled with a specific volume of compressed air, molded into the proper shape, and moved down the production line.

Blow Molding System

Manufacturers use injection blow molding machines to create hollow, plastic items. Water bottles, milk containers, and shampoo bottles are just a few of the products IBMs can create. APenergy implements technology like air recovery systems to cut energy costs and enhance your system efficiency.

Process Cooling

Implementing process cooling systems gets rid of unwanted heat from your industrial systems. When applications get too hot, they produce additional energy, drive up costs, and create a hazardous environment for your employees.

New Construction

New construction in energy management could be a variety of things: a new building, process, energy user, etc. APenergy consultants work with your facility to compare new integrations to the industry standard, ensuring your company isn’t spending more than it needs to on utility bills.

Thermal Insulation

Cool air can only do so much to reduce the heat of your industrial applications. In the long run, blowing cool air on your systems increases your utility costs and has little to no impact on the overall temperature of your facility. To cool down your industrial applications, we suggest using thermal insulation vests and blankets to absorb heat. Thermal insulation vests and blankets come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit the applications your facility works with.

Variable Speed Drives

Looking to reduce energy consumption by up to 70%? Variable speed drives (VSDs) are the best solution for your facility. VSDs limit the rotational speed and torque of a system’s fan motor by adjusting its frequency and voltage. When the application’s internal equipment is inconsistent, it can reduce the longevity of your unit and waste energy.

Process Improvement

Streamlining operations sounds like an expensive and complex process, but your friends at APenergy make it easier than ever before. Installing another production line is expensive and damaging for your energy usage and costs in the long run. At APenergy, we strive to enhance operational efficiency, produce more goods, and reduce labor and maintenance costs without adding a production line.

Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic systems enable industrial manufacturing plants to carry out complex procedures at a quick rate. While these systems are great for your facility’s operations, they require extensive amounts of energy and money to run at full capacity. At APenergy, we collaborate with plants like yours to reduce their environmental impact and energy costs.


A facility’s lighting systems play a significant role in its energy conservation efforts and monthly utility bills. Switching to LED lighting, lowering light levels, and integrating digital controls greatly reduce costs and conserve energy.

Production Expansion

Consumers constantly want more products. When you expand production with APenergy, we guarantee that your industrial applications are working to their fullest potential to meet increased demands. This reduces the risk of downtime, so you and your workers can complete production when items are in high demand.

APenergy Provides Commercial Energy Efficiency Solutions

Since 1986, APenergy has collaborated with industrial facilities across the United States to help them conserve energy and reduce total energy costs. Contact us today to learn how!

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APenergy is a leading energy consultant in the United States. We help industrial manufacturing facilities optimize their day-to-day processes while spending little to no money on installation with our utility incentives and funding program.

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