Thermal Insulation

Save money, conserve energy, protect employees

Setting your thermostat at a lower temperature won’t eliminate heat produced from your manufacturing equipment. At APenergy, we provide industrial facilities like yours with thermal insulation solutions for everyday processes.

Our Best Heating and Energy Saving Tip: Implement Insulating Materials Around Your Plastics Equipment

Ceiling fans and blowing cold air on your plastics equipment won’t do the trick. We suggest implementing insulating materials, such as blankets and vests, to eliminate heat transfer for the following processes:

These are systems that generate a lot of heat, negatively impacting your heating bills. By implementing thermal insulating materials, companies can save around $0.05 per kWh. In many cases, the payback is within a year. However, with APenergy’s utility incentives and funding, you can save the money without spending it first.

Insulating blankets wrap around the equipment and absorb heat, so they don’t affect the temperature of your facility. They come in a variety of sizes that depend on the processes you’re working with, ensuring you always have a solution that works best for your operations. Their high-density ceramic fiber coating withstands temperatures up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, insulating materials meet the OSHA touch-safe temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can protect the wellbeing of your employees.

With an APenergy energy analysis, we can help you identify the weaknesses in your systems to help you cut costs and reduce energy consumption. Although implementing insulating materials may not always be the answer to your energy system issues, it’s a good place to start, and is one of the many solutions we suggest to clients.

Reduce Central Heating and Save Energy With APenergy

An energy analysis is one of many services we provide to industrial manufacturers looking to maximize energy system efficiency. Contact us today to see how we can be the partner you need for your next big energy-saving project.

Benefits of Insulating Blankets for Your Heating Systems

Many perks come with implementing insulating blankets in your processes, including:

Reduced Heat Transfer

Reduced heat transfer is the most significant advantage of insulation blankets. As an energy consulting company, we do everything we can to encourage a more energy-efficient facility. Thermal insulation blankets are a step in the right direction to keep heat contained and lower carbon emissions.

Lowered Utility Bills

Integrating insulation blankets into your processes significantly reduces heating costs. The more plastics equipment you have, the more heat that’s produced and transferred throughout your facility. This means you have to lower the temperature on your programmable thermostat to even out your facility’s temperature.

Rather than using extra and unnecessary energy sources, thermal insulation blankets keep all of the heat contained. This eliminates the need to spend a surplus of company resources to keep your facility at a manageable temperature.  

In addition to conserving energy and saving money, thermal insulation blankets protect your employees. Without insulating materials, your workers run the risk of burning themselves, which is a liability for your company and could put valuable employees out of work until their burns heal. By implementing these materials, you meet OSHA standards and reduce the risk of employee injuries.

Take Advantage of Utility Incentives and Funding To Get Free Insulation for Your Heaters

While this may not always be the case, it has been for a good chunk of our clients. Many industrial facilities in the area trust us and our process, so we’ve been able to help them maximize everyday operations while reducing energy costs. Our process includes:

  • Energy analysis: We do a facility walkthrough to identify opportunities for improvement in your energy systems.
  • Implementation and consulting: After the analysis, we consult with you to discuss the best action plan for successful energy savings.
  • Utility incentives and funding: Lastly, we draw on our expertise to find incentives and rebates that will help you pay for your new implementations.

Already know what you want your next big energy-saving project to be? Let us help you fund it! We don’t have to start at the energy analysis stage if you know what you’re looking for. Skip the first two steps and talk to your funding experts at APenergy to help you find money-saving grant opportunities. Reach out to us today to get started!

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