Utility Incentives and Funding

Funding Energy Efficiency With Utility Initiatives

You want to upgrade your systems and maximize your efficiency, but you feel held back by the possible costs. APenergy has the expertise and practical experience to assist you in getting those services paid for by incentives and rebates.

Taking Advantage of Utility Energy Efficiency Incentive Programs

There are a number of programs available to fund energy conservation and energy efficiency projects. These incentive programs can be found throughout the industrial sector and from federal funding. They were developed to encourage companies and facilities to lower carbon emissions and make their operations more efficient.

All of these programs come with their own rules, regulations, and standards to meet before any money is given out. The team at APenergy understands these incentives, rebates, and grant programs better than anyone else in the industrial market.

“APenergy has performed well at more than 40 of our plants in North America. By implementing 14 of the audit recommendations in one plant, we cut our electric bill by $400,000 and our electric demand by more than 500 kW. As part of another energy project, the APenergy team reduced our energy cost by a similar amount at our Madera plant served by PG&E.”

Verifying your eligibility and maximizing incentive output is baked into our entire process from the energy analysis to project implementation and all the way to managing your utility incentives.

We are there before, during, and after project completion to reconcile any gaps between the elements of your project and the requirements of the incentive programs. We’ve made it our mission to make these programs as straightforward and simple as possible for you to use in improving your facility and operations. Explore our case studies to learn more about our capabilities.

Ready to Transform Your Facility or Projects With Energy Improvements?

With APenergy, it’s never been easier to capitalize on incentives, rebates, and grants. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to improve today.

Monetizing Financial Incentives for Your Convenience

At APenergy, we do all we can to make it easy for you to move forward on your improvements and projects. There are often multiple financial options when it comes to funding your projects, but as we said above, all of these programs come with their own rules and regulations. On top of that, there are always risks related to any project that you plan on undertaking, whether it’s improving your blow molding system or updating equipment with variable speed drives.

There is the chance your project could not end up lining up with incentive’s regulations. Your project could disappear altogether later on and you’d still be out those early expenses. The costs of the project could expand beyond the early predictions. You could even clear all the hurdles, but under-utilize the funding from the program incentives.

To mitigate these risks and provide operational financial safety for your facility, we often monetize financial incentives on behalf of the client. We give you the money, and we take on the risk of incentive management for you. We do this for two reasons: it makes your lives easier, and we’re already experts in incentive funding management. If anyone can safely navigate those waters, it’s us.

Lower Operational Costs Without High Expenses

How do you make the most of your money and maximize your total energy efficiency? APenergy is the answer. We recommend the solutions and improvements you need. Then, we’re there to help manage the utility incentives and funding of your projects.

Funding Energy Efficiency for Performance Enhancement

The amount of energy you use is directly related to the ongoing costs of your facility. But it doesn’t have to be directly related to your performance. We help you lower costs without sacrificing performance or the end product. Count on APenergy to boost quality and efficiency at the same time.

Unbiased Insights on Industrial Energy Savings Projects

We do not earn commissions or finder’s fees for the work we do. To offer unbiased insights into the right solutions for your situation, we choose to remain independent and brand-neutral. This decision keeps our loyalty focused on the priorities of the client.

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