What We Do

Maximize Your Energy, Save Money, and Reduce Stress

With the unbiased, qualified energy consulting from APenergy, your facility and equipment will make the most of the energy you’re paying for every month. We’re ready to assess your needs and develop custom solutions to suit your situation.

Improving Energy Efficiency in Industrial Energy Systems

Industrial and manufacturing facilities are some of the largest energy consumers in the country. These companies require massive amounts of power every day to maintain their high level of production. Every facility manager, COO, CFO, and energy efficiency manager should be looking for ways to improve energy efficiency in their organization, so they can cut costs while maintaining productivity.

APenergy is the energy-saving opportunity you’ve been waiting for all this time. We are an independent, brand-neutral technical consulting company, here to help you find cost-effective strategies and solutions for your projects and ongoing operations. The work we put into your energy management today will pay off for years to come.

Our service offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • No-Cost Project Implementation
  • Capital Recovery
  • Project Finance
  • Funding Assistance for Capital Projects
  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Plant Expansion Incentives Management
  • Process Efficiency Improvement Incentives Management
  • Process Cooling
  • Plastic Injection Molding Blankets

APenergy: helping customers enhance their energy systems and save money through improvements and incentives. Whether you’re looking to start saving energy or lower your budget for a new project, we have you covered.

Energy Analysis

We perform a walkthrough of your facility and provide a prediction of what utility incentives you are eligible for. We find your best opportunities for improvement and all the possible ways to fund them.


We offer implementation and consultation services to develop the perfect plan for your improvements and how to pay for them. We include quotes on the equipment you’ll need and the contractors you’ll employ.

Technologies We Improve

Industrial manufacturing plants are always looking for ways to increase throughput while saving money. Our energy efficiency technology improvements allow facilities to maximize efficiency without breaking their budget.

Utility Incentives

A number of programs developed by the Federal government support energy conservation and efficient energy management. We track the incentive initiatives you’re eligible for and help you take advantage of them.

Are You Ready to Become More Cost-Effective and Efficient?

APenergy supplies the services and expertise you need to implement these solutions in your facility.

We Understand How a New System Will Improve Efficiency

Everyone wants to find more ways to make money, increase productivity, and cut their expenses. The factor that holds many people back is their lack of knowledge of all the available options.

APenergy opens new doors and spots new opportunities where others could not see them. We use utility company energy efficiency program money to assess areas of improvement in your facility and assist you in making those improvements at no cost to the facility.

Industrial Energy Audit Services Spot New Opportunities

Your energy costs aren’t going away. Whether it’s the cost of lighting, processing equipment, or heating, air conditioning, and ventilation (HVAC systems) you’ve got ongoing expenses necessary to your business process.

You can’t get rid of these costs completely, but you can make their operation more efficient. Take advantage of our industrial energy audit services to find all the ways to make long-term positive changes in your facility

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