ComEd Energy Efficiency Rebates

Are you looking to save money on your energy bill? Use funding through the many ComEd rebate programs to not only save money, but get paid to do it.

APenergy is an ComEd service provider with award winning success at getting customers the maximum amount of incentives for their projects. Using the various program offered by ComEd, APenergy can help implement your projects and get it done at no cost to you. In ComEd, our services can most times be paid for entirely by the ComEd energy efficiency program. We’d like to help ComEd customers reduce their energy costs and use ComEd funding to help pay for it!

Whether you’re looking to save on your next air compressor purchase or invest in a more efficient packaging line, APenergy will use the ideal ComEd Energy Efficiency Rebates that are sure to help you get the most out of your savings.

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Energy Efficiency for ComEd Rebates

Look out Illinois, ComEd is making waves in the utility incentive world buy increasing their incentives bigger than ever! The Industrial Systems program got a 50% increase from $0.12/kWh to $0.18/kWh. With APenergy by your side, you can get the best possible solution for your industrial energy and cost-saving purposes.

APenergy & ComEd Energy Efficiency Rebates

APenergy has got a team of experts and consultants who offer industrial solutions to improve the efficiency of your systems or maximize the productivity of ongoing projects. Our ComEd energy efficiency rebate program includes a wide range of cost-reducing solutions. Use us forcapital recovery, funding assistance, process efficiency improvements, incentives management and no-cost project implementation.

To participate in this program ask us about our no-hassle process to get your project approved.

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ComEd Energy Efficiency Rebates

Are You Looking for ComEd Energy Efficiency Rebates?

APenergy has the expertise and tools to make that happen.

Why ComEd Energy Efficiency Rebates Are Important Now?

ComEd Energy Efficiency Rebates help companies save on their energy bill by paying their customers for implementing energy reduction projects.

APenergy helps ComEd customers both implement the projects and file the paperwork for their customer’s to collect the energy efficiency rebates.

ComEd Energy Efficiency Rebates

ComEd Energy Efficiency Rebates

Welcome to APenergy’s solution to ComEd’s Energy Efficiency Rebates!

We are excited to present you with no-cost project opportunities for your facility to take advantage of. Some projects just make so much financial sense or save so much energy that we can offer them at no-cost to the customer’s of ComEd.

This program is designed to help you save money on your electric bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Please note that this program is available to ComEd customers only, however many Utility programs offer similar incentive structures and APenergy can help you identify if there is opportunity to pursue.

Energy Management Audit

How ComEd Energy Efficiency Rebate Work?

ComEd energy efficiency rebate works by providing a substantial incentive on the implementation of new or replacement energy-efficient equipment. Here are some of the types of equipment that are eligible for the rebate:

  • Compressed air system Upgrades
  • Process cooling upgrades
  • Process equipment enhancements
  • Variable frequency drives on large motors

To receive the incentive, companies will have to complete and submit the ComEd Industrial System’s Energy Efficiency Rebates Application Form. Please note that the form must be submitted prior to purchasing any equipment.

Utilizing the ComEd Industrial Systems incentive program can reduce years payback on capital intensive projects! The ComEd energy efficiency program encourages its customers to put the savings right in the company’s budget.

Reduce Your Energy Bills for Years to Come

APenergy reduces the cost in your systems and will remain for years to come. Those savings mean more funds for later projects and more resources in your budget for the future.

ComEd Rebates on Compressed Air Systems

Did you know Any equipment you purchase to keep your facility running is eligible for an incentive? All you have to do is notify APenergy on how it saves energy, and we can guide you on the rest. You’d be surprised how many projects occur without collecting the incentive just because they didn’t know it was eligible to receive the money. It’s free money, just a call away.

1.  Can I get my compressed air leak parts paid for by ComEd?

Compressed air leaks are one of the many streamlined efficiency programs that ComEd offers incentives for.

2.  We are considering buying a new air compressor, our old one failed. Does that count?

New air compressors are a strong driver of collecting utility incentive. The reason for the new compressor matters and changes how the paperwork is processed, but APenergy is confident we can guarantee a new compressor qualifies to receive a rebate check.

3.  How much incentive can I collect?

The unique feature of ComEd is that you are eligible to collect up to 100% of the project cost. This is how APenergy can offer many opportunities at no-cost to ComEd Illinois customers.

4.  How do I know if my company qualifies to receive ComEd incentives?

The quickest way is to check your energy bill and see if ComEd is your energy provider. The most convenient way is to give APenergy a phone call and we can confirm that you qualify as well as advise you in the best opportunities for you to take advantage of.

5.  Why does ComEd give away money?

The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program is committed to providing its customers with helpful solutions to conserve energy, save money and help the environment. As an energy provider, reducing the electrical load they need to provide its clients means there is less energy they must produce. Energy Efficiency Programs are a cost avoidance strategy for many Utilities to slow the electrical demand of the area.

6.  Does ComEd offer financing solutions for projects?

ComEd does offer Energy Efficiency Loans, along with Ameren Illinois, Nicor Gas, Peoples Gas, and North Shore Gas. These loan options can take many forms, even on-bill financing in some situations. APenergy offers financing solutions as well and can help reduce the total amount you need to finance through our unique project agreement structures.

Use ComEd’s Energy Efficiency Rebates to Save Thousands on Energy!

For more details, contact APenergy.

Why ComEd Rebates Are a Great Choice Now

ComEd rebates just got a 50% increase in many project opportunity areas through the end of the year. Capital equipment can be expensive and with long lead times. APenergy is the best consultant around to help Industrial clients maximize their potential on clawing back utility funding. Here are three easy tips to help you get the most financial benefit:. Let us have a FREE half-day site visit to identify2-3 NO COST projects and 3-5potential system upgrades Matera project baseline to assess a utility grade energy estimate. Bundle your highest economic value projects with some core objectives to maximize the eligible incentive.

  1. Check the tax rebates available for your specific air conditioner model.
  2. Compare prices online and in-store.
  3. Ask about rebates at the installation or sales office.

Why Should You Use ComEd Rebates?

There are many good reasons to use ComEd rebates to fund projects. For one, equipment can be quite expensive. So, by getting a rebate on implementing the project, the capital required is less. Additionally, having the facility processed for a ComEd rebate gets an energy serviceprovider at your disposal to identify other opportunities that can save money.

How ComEd Energy Efficiency Rebates Can Help You?

There are many reasons why having ComEd energy efficiency rebates on central air conditioners can help you. For one, a ComEd rebate on a central air conditioner purchase can save you a lot of money in the long run. Additionally, getting a rebate on your central air conditioner means that you’re getting a great deal not just on the air conditioner itself, but also on installation and service costs. Moreover, by installing an air conditioner with ComEd energy efficiency ratings, you’re going to be saving both energy and money in the long run.

ComEd Energy Efficiency Rebates – Frequently Asked Question

ComEd energy efficiency rebates or ComEd rebates commercial could be pretty challenging to understand and we receive multiple queries from our visitors about the program. APenergy believes in providing cost and energy-effective solutions to industrial or commercial consumers and here is what you need to know about energy efficiency rebates.

1.  How Much Is my ComEd Energy Efficiency Rebate Worth?

Every industrial efficiency project is unique, but a facility can expect depending on the program being used between $0.10/kWh and $0.18/kWh. An example of a 40hp motor being just 4% more efficient on energy with about 6,000 hours of load can earn upwards of $1,300 in incentives. Or a new 200hp air compressor with a marginal 5% improvement on effective load can earn $12,000 in utility incentive. These are the easy projects. Many clients with complex projects have earned +$100,000 in incentive year-over-year by doing projects that save energy at their facility.

2.  How to Claim a Rebate?

Call APenergy at 740-862-4112 to identify your best path forward. There are many programs and funding methods just in ComEd alone.

3. What is the Deadline for Claiming a Rebate?

The technical deadline each year is around December 15th. After that the program goes into its next fiscal year and the funding opportunities change. It is APenergy’s job to understand the nuances of the program changes.

4.  Do I have to buy new equipment to qualify for a ComEd rebate?

ComEd rebates can be either retro-commissioned or new construction. So long as the project truly conserves energy in some shape or form, and you haven’t already purchased the equipment, it will qualify for incentives.

5.  Can a Company Claim the Rebate More than Once?

Yes, a company can claim the rebate for as many active energy projects as it implements in a program year.

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