How To Reduce Power Consumption In Industrial Plants

How To Reduce Power Consumption In Industrial Plants

If you’re not confident in the operations of your equipment, now is the time to call on the professionals at Air Power USA. We optimize your energy usage and maximize efficiency at your industrial plant.

Energy Conservation In Factories Is Achievable

Reducing energy usage at an industrial plant is not as difficult as it may sound. In fact, reducing power consumption has become a priority for many facilities, and they are reaping the benefits of energy savings. If you know how much you spend on energy each month, you should also know how much is being wasted. Not all of your energy is actually used to produce product. By reducing your energy usage, you can create a more eco-friendly process and save money.

To begin this journey, you should analyze your equipment. An upgrade to your machinery makes a significant difference, but proper equipment utilization is also key to creating more streamlined processes. Prioritizing energy management typically requires up-front fix-ed costs, but drastically lower the operation cost. To ensure optimum functionality of your machinery, keep these important tips in mind:

Timing is Important

It’s best to strategically schedule machinery usage. Utilities use the highest level of electricity during a billing period, or “peak demand” to propotionalize the costs towards the localities larger users. Depending on your rate structure, peak demand charges can be upwards of 30% of your bill. Avoid simultaneous power-ups after a shutdown. Instead, equipment start-ups should be staggered to prevent a large spike in your facility’s energy requirements. So, be mindful of peak times and minimize usage of high-energy equipment during your plant’s busiest production time frame.

Turn Off Unused Equipment

Take a good hard look at equipment operation when not producing product. We see so often that a certain line is left idle, or an open blow is left on because there is no focus put on local isolation when equipment is not in use. Installing zone isolations and integrating parts of a manufacturing line to be turned off simultaneously can be a huge impact project without a large change in infrastructure and culture. Technology has come such a long way that relying on human intervention for these steps no longer makes sense fiscally.

Verify Air Compressor Optimization

Air compressors account for over $3 billion in wasted energy costs annually in the US industrial sector. When they are poorly designed or lack proper maintenance, your money goes out the window. We specialize in compressed air facility assessments and utility incentive management. Where we see most of the energy waste on air compressor systems is improperly controlled compressors. According to the Department of Energy compressed air systems account for 10% of all electricity and roughly 16% of all motor system energy use in U.S. Air Power has a strong record of being able to identify 30% of the systems total energy use as a savings opportunity with many of the projects being less than a 2-year payback.

A Great Decision That Pays Off

Your energy-saving efforts are noble and environmentally friendly, so they won’t go unacknowledged. Energy conservation in factories is recognized throughout the manufacturing and industrial network, which means your plant can earn money from utility incentive programs. These federally funded incentives were put in place to minimize carbon emissions and encourage more streamlined operations. Our country wastes more energy than any other nation. Now’s your chance to take pride in your efforts to shrink your carbon footprint and your utility bills.

Air Power Improves Production And Preserves Energy

There are several energy-saving programs, and they each have their own regulations that must be met to qualify for the payouts. Air Power USA has a top-tier process that pushes you towards energy-efficient practices and the best incentives available. You can create a more manageable budget and be rewarded for contributing to a cleaner world.

Air Power USA has been the spearhead of energy conservation in factories since 1986. Companies have trusted us to reduce their energy costs and enhance their operations for 35 years, and we continue to evolve into a more environmentally conscious corporation that delivers the best quality customer service and excellent results. We pride ourselves on remaining helpful and innovative, so we’ve developed a process that includes an energy analysis of your industrial appliances, project implementation, and management of your utility incentives programs. We understand how much you’re already responsible for, so we’re happy to help in every way we can. Contact the courteous and knowledgeable experts at Air Power USA and schedule a walk-through of your facility. We are looking forward to efficiently elevating your operations.